Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Play Analysis: Final Exam

Theater III/IV Final Exam Play Analysis
This analysis should be completed based on your full-length play (or the longer of the two).  The following are things that must be included in your analysis.  You may include other things if you would like. 
Your analysis should be written using complete sentences.  You may break it down by category if you would like.
Analysis is due May 29th.

I.               General Questions (10%)
a.     Title of Play
b.     Author’s name, date of birth/death
c.     Year written
d.     When does the action take place
                                               i.     Year
                                             ii.     Season
                                            iii.     Time of day
e.     List any significant events of the time period that relate to the play
*What bearing does the above information have on the content or style of the play?
II.              Plot Analysis (20%)
a.     What is the primary story?
b.     What sub-stories exist?
c.     What type of play is this?  (Tragedy, comedy, farce, etc.)
d.     Is there a “message” in the play?  Explain
e.     Is there any symbolism in the play?  Explain.

III.            Dialogue (15%)
a.     Describe the playwright’s choice of dialogue.  Consider the following examples:                 
                                               i.     Sentence structure
                                             ii.     Use of slang/jargon
                                            iii.     Phrases or words used frequently in the dialogue as a whole or by a main character
                                            iv.     Dialect or words specific to a region or group

IV.            Characters (20%)
a.     Consider each of the major characters using the following criteria:
                                               i.     What do they want?
                                             ii.     What is their moral stance?
                                            iii.     Physical appearance
                                            iv.     Use at least 5 adjectives to describe each character
                                              v.     What is the character’s purpose in the play?  Is it “their” play or are they merely a facilitator?

V.              Ideas in the play (20%)
a.     Meaning of the title
b.     Philosophical statements in the play
c.     Use of symbolism

VI.             Your reactions to the play (15%)
a.     How did the play make you feel?  (This is not a like/dislike statement)
b.     Did it make you think of yourself or the world around you differently?
c.     Do you think the playwright was trying to get you to think about the world in any particular way?
d.     Do you think the primary purpose of this play was “just” entertainment, or do you think the playwright had other things in mind?
e.     Do you think the playwright wanted the reader/audience to react in a particular way?